India Tiger Awaits Mate After ‘Longest’ Walk Ever Recorded

He has completed the longest walk by a tiger ever recorded in India and “settled” in a sanctuary, where he is the only big cat.

Fondly called Walker by wildlife officials, the three-and-a-half-year-old male left its home in a wildlife sanctuary in the western state of Maharashtra in June last year. He was possibly in search of prey, territory or a mate.

Fitted with a radio collar, he travelled 3,000 kilometers over nine months before “settling down” in another sanctuary in March. The collar was removed in April.

The 205-square kilometer sanctuary is home to leopards, blue bull, wild boar, peafowl and spotted deer. Walker is the only tiger living there, wildlife officials say.

Now wildlife officials are mulling whether they should move a female tiger to the sanctuary to give Walker a mating partner, a move which will be “quite unprecedented.” 

India holds just 25% of total tiger habitat, but accounts for 70% of all remaining wild tigers, with around 3,000 animals.


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