G20’s Solution For Post-pandemic World

Chinese President Xi Jinping said China will keep its promise on the COVID-19 vaccine and must establish a shared human health community.

Through the video link, Xi attended and delivered an important speech in Beijing on Saturday night, November 21, in the first round of the 15th G20 Summit meeting.

He stressed that China actively supports and participates in global cooperation on the COVID-19 vaccine, and has joined “#COVAX.”

He said China is ready to strengthen cooperation with various countries in aspects such as manufacturing, production, and distribution of vaccines. China will fulfill its promise to provide assistance and support to other developing countries so that citizens of different countries can get the vaccine equally.

Xi stressed that the coordination of policies and standards should be strengthened, and that a “fast and convenient channel” should be established to facilitate the proper coordination of personnel.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/CRIFILIPINOSERVICE/posts/3890651054298085

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