One-legged Courier Aims to Deliver 1M Packages

China had over three million delivery workers at the end of 2019. The huge workforce accompanied the swift development of China’s e-commerce and infrastructure, which reaches almost every corner of the country.

Shen Guangyu, 31, is one such delivery worker. Shen lost one of his legs at the age of six after it was sucked into a water pump in a rice field so his career choice appears surprising to many.

But he is unperturbed. He is a great role model for the 85 million disabled in China who make up six percent of the population.

He dexterously maneuvers his tricycle in and out of narrow alleys and sometimes surpasses his colleagues in the number of packages delivered.

Shen said he distributes an average of 260 parcels daily. Having delivered over half a million packages in the last five years, Shen is halfway through his goal of distributing one million. He embarked on the journey in 2015 after switching from his career as a shoe repairman.


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