WeChat Ban in U.S. Cuts Off Users’ Link to Families, Friends in China

U.S. President Donald Trump’s ban on transactions using popular Chinese messaging app WeChat will cut ties to families and friends in China, millions of users in the United States. fear, as they become the latest casualties in the standoff between the two nations.

WeChat, owned by Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings, is popular among Chinese students, expats and some Americans who have personal or business relationships in China.

Tingru Nan, a Chinese graduate student at the University of Delaware, said, “I came to the U.S. for free access to information. I feel I’m targeted by Trump. I’m living in constant fear now thinking I might get disconnected with friends and family.”

The ban will cut off far more than the six million Chinese people who live in the United States. In the past three months, WeChat has had an average of 19 million daily active users in the United States, according to analytics firms Apptopia.

Source: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-08-08/WeChat-U-S-ban-cuts-off-users-link-to-families-in-China-SMYWQj8ECY/index.html

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