Canada: Additional Entry Conditions for Travellers

People who choose to travel to Alaska through Canada are facing stricter rules.

The additional entry conditions aim to crack down on those sneaking into the country to go to national parks, leisure sites and tourism activities amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Canada Border Services Agency said, “As of July 31, … stricter rules and additional entry conditions will be imposed on travelers transiting through Canada to Alaska for a non-discretionary purpose. These measures are put in place to further reduce the risk of introduction of Covid-19 cases and to minimize the amount of time that in-transit travelers are in Canada.”

Measures include cars’ rearview mirrors getting marked with a leave-by date during the period the visitors are in Canada headed to Alaska.

The border between the United States and Canada is closed to all nonessential travel. However, Americans and foreigners can drive to and from Alaska as long as they follow specific mandates.


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