What Filipinos Watched During The Lockdown

The most popular show for Filipinos during the lockdown from mid-March to May was Netflix’s Money Heist, the Spanish series about a group robbing the Royal Mint in the first season and the Royal Bank of Spain in the second season. 

It just released the second part of its second season during the lockdown, which iPrice, a Southeast Asian e-commerce aggregator based in Malaysia, said is the likely reason for the interest in the show.

American sitcoms were also on the radar of Filipinos as Modern Family saw an increase of 426%, while Community’s searches went up 400%, and How I Met Your Mother increased 355%. 

Modern Family ended its run in April after 11 years on air, which could have contributed to the high interest. Local movies also saw a boost. 

The 2015 historical epic Heneral Luna saw an 809% increase in searches during lockdown, while it’s sequel, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral saw an increase of 300%.

Source: https://www.bworldonline.com/what-did-filipinos-watch-during-the-lockdown-lots-of-k-drama-local-films-and-money-heist/

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