Dubai: An Attractive Option for Tourists

As the world emerges from lockdown, travelers’ wish lists have shifted from free breakfasts and room upgrades to more pressing issues like hotel sanitation and hospital capacity. 

With its advanced medical facilities and infrastructure, Dubai is betting it will be an attractive option for tourists.

Tourism chief Helal Al Marri said, “The first thing I’m thinking is – how is the health care system, do they have it under control? Yes, they expect the airline to have precautionary measures, they expect it at the airport. But are they going to a city where everything from the taxi, to the restaurant, to the mall, to the beach has these measures in place?”

Tourists arriving in Dubai are required to present a negative test result for Covid-19 taken within four days of the flight. If not, they can take the test on arrival, but must self-isolate until they receive the all-clear. 

Social distancing and face masks are widely enforced, and menus have been replaced with QR codes.


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