Owners of ‘Barkada’ Wine Bar in Washington DC Accused of Cultural Appropriation

When long-time friends Anthony Alig, Nick Guglietta, Nathan Fisher and Sebastian Zutant opened a wine bar in Washington D.C., little did they know that naming it “Barkada” – which is Tagalog for “group of friends” – would force them to change its name.

The four white men faced a big social media backlash on the opening week of their venture.

Some Pinoys in the US were infuriated after finding out the wine bar with a Filipino name has nothing Filipino on their menu or drink list.

Filipino-American Melissa Echevarria got excited to find this Filipino-sounding bar but was disappointed. She posted on Facebook: “I thought it was going to be a Filipino bar and then realized there was nothing Filipino about it. Disappointed.” 

Melanie Mckay said she was disappointed after looking for Filipino-brewed San Miguel beer and “pulutan” from the bar.

Netizen Hannah Aberin posted: “Cultural appropriation doesn’t taste good, change your name.”

Source: https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/08/01/20/nothing-filipino-owners-of-barkada-wine-bar-in-washington-dc-accused-of-cultural-appropriation

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