Anti-Corruption Body Finds Cycle of Corruption at PhilHealth

The Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission has found a “systemic” flaw in state health insurer PhilHealth that allowed a cycle of fraud to persist, a commissioner said on August 1 as the body concluded the first phase of its investigation into alleged corruption at the agency.

PACC Commissioner Greco Belgica said they identified officials involved in corruption at the agency tagged in false insurance claims and alleged overpricing of COVID-19 tests.

The findings of the “partial” probe were presented to President Rodrigo Duterte on August 3.

Belgica said, “We’ve seen loopholes in the system that’s why this kind of system was perpetuated, and we’ve identified officials involved, positions that are vulnerable.”

He said the report also points to “misdoings” of an official who did not take action on corrupt practices, adding, “There’s really a systemic flaw in PhilHealth. That’s why it’s really hard, it happens again and again, corruption won’t stop.”


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