New Jersey Governor Condemns House Parts at Airbnb

A house party in New Jersey was so packed with partygoers openly flouting the state’s Covid-19 crowd guidelines that it took police officers over five hours to break it up.

The bust occurred on July 26 at around 8:30 p.m., when police officers arrived at a house being rented out through Airbnb. Still, the party continued to grow, with the crowd surging to an estimated 700 people with well over 100 vehicles parked in the area.

It took police until 1 a.m. to fully clear the residence. The homeowner and two party organizers were each issued summons.

Governor Phil Murphy, reacting to the news, said, “That’s needlessly putting men and women in uniform and their families at risk.”

Murphy’s executive order limits indoor gatherings to 100 people and outdoor gatherings to 500.

Airbnb has removed both party organizers from its platform. The listing for the rental property has also been deactivated as Airbnb investigates further.


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