Police Discovers Ancient Roman Artifacts in Spanish Seafood Store

Authorities inspecting a seafood store in Spain discovered ancient Roman containers, called amphorae, some of which could have been created in the first century and recovered from shipwrecks off the Mediterranean coast.

Some 13 Roman amphorae and a metal anchor from the 18th century were found. They were uncovered by surprised officers during a routine check of the storage and marketing of frozen fish products at the store in Alicante — and the shop’s owners now find themselves under investigation for breaking laws on possessing historical artifacts.

The Civil Guard said, “Officers observed several ceramic amphorae at various points in the facility, a metal anchor and a limestone plaque with an inscription that, at first glance, could be of considerable age.”

Officers said they believe the items came from shipwrecks and would be protected by heritage law if they had been found off the Mediterranean coast.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/style/article/roman-amphorae-seafood-store-spain-scli-intl-scn/index.html

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