13 Cops Retire

At least 14 policemen included in President Duterte’s drug watchlist have expressed their willingness to avail of optional retirement amid the investigation being conducted against so-called narco-cops.

Philippine National Police chief General Archie Gamboa said he also ordered 46 other policemen on the list who snubbed his summons for a drug test be marked absent without official leave. “This is to finally put a closure on this issue,” Gamboa shared.

Earlier, Gamboa asked President Duterte to let the PNP deal with the 357 policemen on the drug watchlist, promising to resolve all the cases in one month. All who avail of optional retirement and those marked AWOL will still be charged if they are found guilty of involvement in illegal drugs.

The names of the policemen cropped up in the course of intelligence-gathering over the past three years. Their ranks range from patrolman to one star or brigadier general.

Source: https://news.mb.com.ph/2020/02/11/14-cops-on-duterte-drugs-watchlist-avail-of-optional-retirement/

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