COVID-19 Takes Heavy Toll On Younger Workers

British group the Young Women’s Trust said 36 percent of young women worked in sectors hardest hit by coronavirus lockdown measures, such as catering, retail, entertainment, and leisure. For men, the figure is 25 percent.

The sectors are also major providers of part-time jobs favored by students.

In hard-hit Spain, unemployment has soared for young people aged 25 and under, reaching 33 percent in the first quarter of this year.

Social security minister Jose Luis Escriva said, “Almost half of the job losses that have occurred since the start of the crisis are concentrated on people [below] 35.”

One of them is David, a lifeguard at a swimming club in Madrid, who was laid off on March 13, robbing him of financial security — and peace of mind.

He shared, “You find yourself without savings, without money. It’s pretty scary. My parents are giving me money until I get unemployment benefits, because otherwise I can’t pay the bills, the food, the rent.”


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