PhilHealth, Hospitals Agree to Settle Alleged Debt Mess

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, hospitals groups and medical associations have agreed to sit down and discuss ways to settle the alleged unpaid claims of hospitals from the state insurer.

Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Inc. spokesperson Jhiann Natividad said the camps discussed the matter last Tuesday.

Natividad said the Philippine Medical Association and the Philippines Hospital Associations also participated in the meeting. PhilHealth was represented by its spokesperson Shirley Domingo.

Natividad said the reconciliation of claims will initially start for one to two hospitals.

There might be discrepancies between the data of PhilHealth and some hospitals claiming reimbursement.

However, Natividad said some hospital members did not want to participate with the groups’ dialogue with PhilHealth. According to her, they might just want to settle the issue directly with the agency.


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