Two Minors Padlocked Inside Palawan Quarantine Facility

Two returning minors were allegedly padlocked inside a quarantine facility by a village chief in Roxas town in northern Palawan.

Andrew Goldfarb, village chief of Barangay Tinitian, claimed the action was merely to ensure the safety of the minors.

He said, “It’s true we padlocked them as a security measure. We don’t want anything bad to happen to them at night so we have to ensure their safety.”

Romalyn Racho, head of the Health Education and Promotion Unit of the Department of Health in Mimaropa, said the local official was called to explain his action.

The returning stranded minors, ages 14 and 12, arrived with their relatives from Cebu on June 14 and were sent straight to a quarantine facility in the said town.

Golifardo stressed the gates were only locked in the evening, and the minors’ parents were informed of the situation. He said the literal lockdown on the facility was necessary due to limited power supply in the area.


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