Fortnite’s ‘The Device’ Event Reached Capacity in One Minute

A virtual event hosted in the ever-popular Fortnite universe finally took place.

“The Device,” its long-awaited, thrice-delayed event filled up last Monday just one minute after fans were told to arrive.

For holed-up gamers who had waited weeks for the event, which marks the end of the game’s Chapter 2 Season 2, the announcement was surely frustrating.

Summarizing the overall discontent, one person tweeted, “They have more than enough money to create enough server space for everyone. They recommended queuing up at 1:30. I queued up at 1:25. I am beyond mad.”

Epic’s season-ending events for Fortnite are known to be well, epic. According to people who were able to get into the game, Monday’s event didn’t disappoint. 

The Agency, a key building on the Fortnite island, was destroyed and — stay with us, non-gamers — the purple storm became a wall of water, hinting at what’s to come in the third season, which is set to start on Wednesday.


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