PAL to Offer ‘Distancing Seats’ Starting July 1

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines will be offering “distancing seats” for flights starting July 1 to encourage people to fly again amid COVID-19.

PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna said all PAL flights will have the distancing seats. Premium economy will have purely distancing seats, while economy will have a mix of regular and distancing seats. 

In social distancing sections, an aisle or middle seat will be left empty in defined rows per aircraft. A distancing seat is not an added fee or travel extra. It is a new product included in specific fare classes such as economy flex and premium economy class.

Villaluna shared, “This new product is PAL’s way of providing peace of mind.”

She assured the public that existing safety measures are adequate to protect passengers inflight even without the distancing seats. These measures include intensive cabin cleaning and disinfection, cabin crew wearing PPEs, and a HEPA filtration system that purifies cabin air, among others.


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