Bicycles Are The New Toilet Paper

As people are afraid to use public transport and the imposed lockdown measures are making people craving for exercise, bicycles have become the new toilet paper.

The United Kingdom is seeing a 200 percent increase in bicycle orders from people working for emergency services, according to a BBC report last month. Halfords, Britain’s biggest cycle retailer, said sales of some cycling equipment had risen 500 percent at the start of the lockdown.

Different media reports show that the United States, Australia, and European countries are all seeing the biggest bicycle demand in decades.

And China is benefitting from its status as a major bicycle manufacturing hub. Booming demand overseas is reflected in Chinese manufacturers’ export orders which are already fully booked until September.

Statistics provided by AliExpress show that bicycle sales from China to Spain increased 22 times in May, and four times to the UK and Italy.


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