Toilet Paper Makers Struggling to Meet Demand of Consumers

Toilet paper has a become the ultimate symbol of the COVID-19 panic buying; it’s seemingly scooped up as soon as new rolls hit the shelves.

Companies that help supply these everyday paper products are stunned and trying to adjust to this rapidly evolving new normal in consumer behavior.

They’re faced with tradeoffs. Many were already operating their manufacturing facilities 24/7 prior to the pandemic. Now, some are limiting their facilities to essential workers and contractors. It’s unclear, however, what they will do in the event that those workers get sick.

Georgia Pacific, the maker of Angel Soft and Quilted Northern toilet paper, said orders from retailers nearly doubled. The company managed to ship out 20% more than its normal capacity.

No one can explain “why everyone is grabbing toilet paper” since it’s not like people need to suddenly use more of it. So let’s only buy what we need so there will be enough for all of us.


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