Spain’s Death Toll Passes 1,000; Hotels to be Used As Hospitals

Spain’s death toll from the coronavirus epidemic soared to 1,002 on Friday, reported the country’s health emergencies chief. The number of registered cases in the country also rose sharply to 19,980 on Friday. 

Spain is the second worst-hit country in Europe after Italy. The Spanish government has ordered the closure of all hotels in the country and promised to implement special measures in nursing homes after a surge in new cases and deaths. 

All hotels and other tourist accommodations must be shut within seven days to “guarantee the containment of the pandemic”, in a further hit to the country’s ailing tourism sector. Spain, 2018’s second most-visited country in the world, has already closed its land borders to all but its nationals and residents. 

Long-term boarding houses were exempted from the closure, but still subjected to a state of emergency imposed almost a week ago which bars people from all but essential outings.


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