Conflict Rises as Young Europeans Defy COVID-19 Restrictions

European authorities are battling a backlash against restrictive measures brought in to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. Groups of young people across Europe have defied bans on gatherings, partying in so-called “corona speakeasies.” 

The differing reactions between generations are reflective in the way the illness affects those from different age groups. While young people are just as likely to become infected with the virus, they are less likely to be susceptible to its most severe symptoms. 

Younger people are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers of the virus, and some are therefore not taking social distancing or isolation measures. But by carrying on as normal, they contribute to its spread. 

Less financially secure than their parents’ generations and overrepresented in the service industries, younger people are also most at risk financially from the restrictive measures that have seen the widespread closing of pubs, restaurants and nightclubs across Europe.


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