Uber drivers in Netherlands entitled to more workers’ rights, court rules

Uber drivers in the Netherlands are employees and entitled to workers’ rights under national labor laws, a Dutch court ruled, landing another blow on the company’s operations in Europe.

Another victory for European unions demanding better pay and benefits for workers in the gig economy, the ruling follows a court decision on Uber in the UK earlier this year.

The Federation of Dutch Trade Unions argued the company’s roughly 4,000 drivers in Amsterdam were in fact employees of a taxi business and should be granted equivalent benefits to those working in the taxi sector.

Uber said it “has no plans to employ drivers in the Netherlands” and would appeal against the decision.

Uber’s general manager for northern Europe noted, “We are disappointed with this decision because we know that the overwhelming majority of drivers wish to remain independent. Drivers don’t want to give up their freedom to choose if, when and where to work.”

Source: https://newseu.cgtn.com/news/2021-09-14/Uber-drivers-in-Netherlands-entitled-to-more-rights-court-rules-13x4Nz0Houk/index.html

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