COA: No overpricing in Pharmally mask deal

Contrary to opposition senators’ claims, there was no overpricing in the Department of Budget and Management’s procurement of face masks at the height of the pandemic last year, the Commission on Audit declared.

At the hearing of the House committee on good government, COA Chairman Michael Aguinaldo said, “There is nowhere in the COA report on DBM that there was overpricing…the observations were related more to inventory management.”

Aguinaldo, a lawyer, added, “It’s not right to say that COA discovered there was an overprice, because we never said so in the same report.”

He was referring to the procurement of medical paraphernalia like PPEs by the Procurement Service of the DBM, made upon the request of the Department of Health.

He also said President Duterte was allowed under the circumstances – there being a health emergency crisis – to do away with biddings as expressly provided under Bayanihan 1.


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