No takers on PGH’s call for new doctors

The spokesperson of the Philippine General Hospital sounded the call for new doctors to apply and help the country’s premier COVID-19 referral center.

Dr. Jonas del Rosario lamented that their call for doctors to apply went unnoticed despite the rising number of patients.

Del Rosario said, “We’re ready to hire new ones. So far, no takers.”

Twenty of the 25 volunteer doctors have not renewed their contracts, either to pursue subspecialty training or look for a lighter workload. Private hospitals in the country and those abroad also offer more competitive salaries, the PGH official said.

Del Rosario pleaded for the country’s doctors to help the PGH respond to the surge in cases: “I’m calling on general practitioners, if you can spare some time, one month or even a few days, to help.”

He noted, “The salary is nothing compared with what you’re earning in private practice, but consider this as charity work. We are in a war. We really need soldiers.”


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