Climate change could force 216 million people out of their homes

Reduced agricultural production, water scarcity, rising sea levels and other adverse effects of climate change could cause up to 216 million people to leave their homes and migrate within their own countries by 2050, the World Bank has warned.

The estimate from the Washington-based lender updates a 2018 report with new figures.

Internal migrants due to climate change could hit 86 million in sub-Saharan Africa by 2050, 49 million in East Asia and the Pacific, 40 million in South Asia, 19 million in North Africa, 17 million in Latin America and 5 million in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Population growth has slowed in coastal and inland areas facing shortages of water, including Algeria’s coast, Morocco and the foothills of the Atlas mountains.

Alexandria in Egypt and the Nile river delta “could become out-migration hotspots due to both declining water availability and sea-level rise,” the report said.


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