PNP threatens sanctions over dirty police stations

The Philippine National Police warned local commanders sanctions would be waiting for them if they do not follow the organization’s intensified cleanliness policy.

PNP chief General Guillermo Eleazar issued the warning after the PNP Internal Affairs Service conducted an inspection at a police station in Cebu and found a mess.

Eleazar said, “This should hopefully serve as a warning that this happened at a police station in Cebu. Our policemen should always remember that it is not only the PNP and the IAS observing our police stations.”

The IAS on June 26 “found a dirty police station manned by an insufficient number of police personnel.” The team also found used clothes hung out to dry inside the station, an empty bottle of alcohol, improperly labeled garbage bins, and even dog feces.

Only four out of the precinct’s 45 personnel were present to meet inspectors. The desk officer was not properly wearing a face mask and had no face shield.


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