Public Chopsticks, Spoons Being Promoted in China Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 has kept people from gathering, and the impact on the food industry is obvious.

During the outbreak, a family dinner with shared meals in Nanjing, China led to nine people being infected one after another. In this situation, infections caused by dinner parties were common, which also made people reflect on safety at dining tables while reducing gathering.

In Chinese food culture, people are used to sharing dishes. Everyone’s chopsticks touch their mouth as well as the serving dish, which is an easy way for the transmission of viruses.

China has issued its first local standard for the “Rules of public chopsticks.” Public tableware, such as serving spoons or chopsticks used to scoop dishes when two or more share a meal, shouldn’t come in contact with the mouth. The Beijing Health Commission also issued a proposal to encourage citizens to eat separately and use public chopsticks for health reasons.


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