In US, experts make case for vaccine mandates

Neither the threat of dying from COVID-19 nor an array of inducements from lottery tickets to guns and marijuana have been enough to sway America’s vaccine holdouts.

As the divide between the country’s pro- and anti-immunization regions widens, and the dangerous Delta variant gains ground, experts are calling for more mandates in jurisdictions, colleges and businesses so Americans are protected where they live and work.

The idea has sparked controversy in a nation that cherishes individual liberty, but these concerns need to be weighed against collective wellbeing, Gregory Poland, a professor of medicine and infectious diseases at the Mayo Clinic said.

He asked, “What happens when the world’s on fire? Do you allow people to stand there with matches and gasoline? What happens with the disease where the decision you make not only affects you, but affects people around you, or that you’ve come into contact with?”


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