Tokyo Olympics welcomes five new sports

Five new disciplines – baseball, karate, sport climbing, skateboarding and surfing – will become new competitions in the coming Tokyo Olympics.

Compared with the other four, baseball is not a total stranger to the Olympics, as it made its last Olympic appearance in Beijing in 2008.

Sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding will continue to be part of the regular competitions in the Summer Olympics in Paris.

Karate is an ancient sport born in Japan, but it has grown very popular in Europe, where some of the world’s top athletes in this form are from.

The Japanese organizing committee is requesting spectators at the Tokyo Olympics to keep their ticket stubs or ticket data for at least two weeks after they enter the venues. If any of them tests positive for COVID-19, the date of the spectator’s attendance and seat number will be released on the Tokyo Olympics official website as well as on related social media platforms.


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