Sucat village raffles off bags of rice to boost vaccine drive

A community in Metro Manila has been raffling off huge sacks of the daily food staple rice in exchange for getting vaccinated against COVID-19, after finding it hard to persuade people to get their shots.

Twenty weekly winners who get their shots in Sucat, Muntinlupa have been taking home a 25 kilo sack of rice each.

Local official Jeramel Mendoza said the initiative was targeting mainly poorer residents, who were not so keen on vaccinations.

He said, “Initially, when we conducted our vaccination drive, there were very few people signing up. So we asked ourselves why? Why are those rich people or those who live in exclusive villages able to lead the vaccinations, but our poorer sectors do not to join in or participate?”

Sucat village officials said since starting the initiative at end-May, they have been administering their daily quota of vaccines of up to 2,000 doses, whereas before they were giving only about 400 doses a day.


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