Alcohol, paracetamol top ‘pandemic poisons’

The Philippine Society of Clinical and Occupational Toxicology and the EcoWaste Coalition warned the public against common items at home which could be poisonous to children.

The National Poison Management and Control Center identified isopropyl and ethyl alcohol, sodium hypochlorite or disinfecting bleach, paracetamol, kerosene, cell batteries, ibuprofen, and iron salts as among the top agents for pediatric poisoning cases in 2020.

Alcohol and paracetamol became household necessities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The chairperson of the Philippine General Hospital Department of Neurosciences said, “Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, we advise every family to be aware of the potential hazards in their household and community and to take preventive measures that will protect everyone, especially children, from poisoning agents that can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed by the skin or splashed in the eye.”


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