Indonesia sees a spike in COVID-19 cases

Case numbers are spiking as Indonesia grapples with new virus strains, including the highly infectious Delta variant first identified in India.

The rise is also blamed on millions travelling across the Muslim nation at the end of Ramadan, despite a ban on the annual migration. Hospital occupancy rates soared to over 75 percent in Jakarta and other hard-hit areas, while funerals for COVID-19 victims have also jumped.

The Indonesian Medical Association said the variants appeared to be sickening younger people.

Indonesia’s government, widely criticised for a weak pandemic response, said it would temporarily beef up restrictions in the capital and other hot spots — but enforcement has been lackluster.

While Indonesia has not put major cities under strict measures rolled out in some virus-hit nations, dozens of communities in Central Java’s Kudus regency were put into lockdown after the Delta variant was spotted.


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