Ed Sheeran plays vampire in ‘Bad Habits’ music video

YouTube was abuzz with pop singer Ed Sheeran’s latest music video “Bad Habits” officially released Friday.

“Bad Habits” is the first single release of the Grammy-award winning artist in four years.

According to Billboard, it is part Ed’s yet-untitled fifth studio album.

For this track, he seems to express his regrets over the bad decisions he made due to his “bad habits.”

The lyrics read, “My bad habits lead to late nights ending alone. Conversations with a stranger I barely know. Swearing this will be the last, but it probably won’t.”

For this music video, Ed played a vampire. Billboard described him as “glampire wearing a hot-pink suit, razor-sharp fangs, glittery bruise eyeshadow and spiky hair.”

Online users likened Ed to “Joker” and “Dracula” because of his never-before-seen style in the music video.

Fans welcomed the pop superstar’s new music. One shared, “Nothing gets me scared and excited as much as ginger Dracula wearing a pink tux.”

Source: https://interaksyon.philstar.com/videos/2021/06/25/194722/ed-sheeran-plays-vampire-in-bad-habits-music-video/

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