A wedding banquet from waste food

According to a UN report, people are wasting almost a billion tons of food globally each year – that equates to 23 million fully loaded 40-ton trucks, which if placed bumper to bumper would be enough to circle the Earth seven times.

There are thousands of charitable initiatives around the world championing the elimination of food waste. One of them is The Real Junk Food Project, the UK’s largest environmental charity redistributing surplus food, from across the food industry. Its founder and CEO Adam Smith is keen to stress the project is not so much a food bank as a waste interceptor.

He shared, “In 2018 we cooked for 400 people for a wedding,” listing a mouthwatering menu including “huge barbecues of sea bass, ribs and sausages” and “a vegan and gluten-free South Asian buffet.” Brilliantly, “none of the guests knew” that the catering had been saved from wastage, until Smith made a speech to the satisfied customers.

Source: https://newseu.cgtn.com/news/2021-06-19/A-wedding-banquet-from-waste-food-11aRJrzm8y4/index.html

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