Will ecocide become punishable by the International Criminal Court?

Activists and world leaders are advocating for making ecocide a crime at the International Criminal Court.

Ecocide is the widespread destruction of the environment and considered a threat to humanity.

Ecocide advocates want to make this action a crime before the ICC for it to become a legal deterrent to the kind of environmental damage that is driving mass extinction, ecological collapse and climate change.

If they succeed, it would mean political leaders and corporate executives could face charges and imprisonment for ecocide.

The goal is for ecocide to be treated like genocide, and crimes against humanity in the eyes of the ICC. Supporters hope this will “revolutionize” the fight against the climate crisis.

Examples of ecocide include, the Chernobyl nuclear plant which exploded in 1986, the Deepwater Horizon disaster where 168 million gallons of crude oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, and rapid deforestation in the Amazon.

Source: https://newsus.cgtn.com/news/2021-06-22/Will-ecocide-become-punishable-by-the-International-Criminal-Court--11hZ2xFamEo/index.html

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