DJ Mo Twister shares struggles of marrying Angelicopter in Iceland wilderness

Disk jockeys Mo Twister and Angelicopter recently tied the knot in an unconventional ceremony in Iceland.

In his Instagram account, Mo posted a photo of him with his wife in a “faraway wilderness.”

Mo also opened up on their struggles to get married because of a sudden summertime snow storm in Iceland.

He shared, “Here’s a tip about getting married in a faraway wilderness like Iceland. Have not one but two backup plans. For the second time we have been here together, things we had scheduled a long time ago were cancelled by weather.”

He added, “We had some extreme weather that made us have to completely overhaul the entire day. Where we scheduled to have our ceremony, changed due to a summertime snow storm. Angelika’s wedding dress was ripped by the weather and the elements. My clothes drenched.”

Luckily, they found a sunny spot where they officially tied the knot.

The couple got engaged in May last year.


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