Local carriers gear up for ‘revenge travel’ demand

Local carriers are gearing up and desperately looking forward to “revenge travel” after the pummeling they experienced due to travel restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

Revenge travel refers to the expected surge in demand once restrictions ease up, as people hope to get back the travel opportunities and moments they lost and missed during lockdowns.

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines said, “Revenge travel is expected once a good percentage of the people have undergone vaccination.”

Cebu Pacific vice president for marketing and customer experience noted, “There’s pent up non-essential travel demand. These are people who have probably planned on going to these leisure destinations during the summer break, but were unable to go because of the lockdown or the ban on non-essential travel.”

Both carriers are coming off huge losses last year, with revenues plummeting as planes were grounded and majority of flights were cancelled.

Source: https://www.philstar.com/business/2021/06/22/2107109/local-carriers-gear-revenge-travel-demand

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