Popular fast food chain starts rollout of strawless lids in select stores in Metro Manila

McDonald has introduced strawless lids in select stores in Metro Manila in its bid to help reduce waste by minimizing the need for straws.

Starting June, McDonald’s replaced the flat lids of some iced beverages with a new strawless lid, one with a small cross-section that allows sipping or drinking.

Iced beverages like iced coffee, iced tea and soft drinks are included in this shift in packaging. They will also be available for take-out, drive-thru and delivery orders.

The fast food chain said this gradual change in their packaging will help them reduce waste and still ensure quality services to their customers.

The restaurant chain initiated its shift in doing away with straws as early as 2018 after it limited the distribution of straws to some of its drinks, namely the McFloat, Coffee Float, Milk Tea and McFreeze.

Last year, coffee giant Starbucks also started phasing out its plastic straws and replacing their packaging with their own recyclable, strawless lids.

Source: https://interaksyon.philstar.com/trends-spotlights/2021/06/11/193720/popular-fast-food-chain-starts-rollout-of-strawless-lids-in-select-stores-in-metro-manila/

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