From dolomite to coconut trees: Manila Baywalk gets new makeover ahead of reopening

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources took the Manila Bay rehabilitation project to a new level by planting coconut palms along the Roxas Boulevard Baywalk.

The agency said the initiative is part of their “continuing activities and efforts for the clean-up and rehabilitation of Manila Bay.”

Since last year, the white sand project has stirred controversy due to perceived misplaced priorities amid the country’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The DENR’s budget for the 2019 Manila Bay rehabilitation program costs around 389 million pesos. Some 28 million pesos was earmarked for the dolomite sand project.

Critics have said that the money could have been funneled to the national government’s funds for vaccine supplies, social amelioration for poor families, and distance learning needs.

However, the government justified that the white sand makeover will hinder people from throwing garbage in the area.


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