Applying Fighter Jet Technology to Mask Production

Twenty-four machines, three million masks, one day’s capacity: This is the fruit of J-20 fighter jet technology that has been applied to mask production lines in the fight against COVID-19.

Mask factories work around the clock to ease the mask shortage. Among them is AVIC Manufacturing Technology Institute, a research organization that provides key processing technology to China’s new aircraft.

An automated mask production machine (L) vs. a traditional mask sewing machine. /CCTV

For an aircraft manufacturer, making a mask production machine is a brand-new concept. Led by a team consisting of engineers and technicians, the institute came up with a design in three days and built a prototype just 16 days later.

The automated mask production machine used digital technology that was once applied in making parts for China’s fighter jets. The president of AVIC said they “carried out a digital simulation before real manufacturing so that unnecessary errors were avoided, which saved…a lot of time.”


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