Tokyo Olympics: 40,000 workers to get vaccines, organizers to roll out final ‘Playbook’

A total of 40,000 workers involved in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which begin on July 23, will be vaccinated against COVID-19, Japan’s Olympic Minister said.

The coronavirus vaccination program for Olympics workers began on June 17 at the Ajinomoto Training Center in the country’s capital Tokyo, and the Japanese Olympic delegation has begun receiving their shots since June 1.

As Kyodo News reported, the Japanese government is considering placing Tokyo under a quasi-state of emergency during the Olympics, given that a number of health experts have expressed concern over a potential spike in COVID-19 cases. According to AP, less than five percent of the Japanese have been fully vaccinated.

The International Olympic Committee says more than 80 percent of those staying in the Olympic Village will be fully vaccinated, although it did not provide details on how it reached that conclusion, AP reported.


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