Dragon Boat Festival celebrated across China

Chinese people around the world celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival on June 14 – an occasion to commemorate the death of Chinese poet and politician Qu Yuan.

Dragon boat racing is one of the most popular traditions during the festival, dating back 2,000 years. Races have taken place in many cities across the globe, with crew members rowing in boats that feature dragon heads and tails.

Meanwhile, people also marked the traditional festival by making the signature food – glutinous rice dumplings, also known as zongzi. The dish is made of sticky rice stuffed with various fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.

Making perfume sachets is another popular custom. Chinese herbal medicines are usually wrapped in cloth and sometimes embroidered with exquisite patterns. Colorful strings are then attached to the sachet as decorative tassels. Traditionally, children would wear those to ward off evil spirits and insects.

Source: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2021-06-13/Dragon-Boat-Festival-celebrated-across-China-113z8fc6Epy/index.html

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