China sees rising number of females in digitalization

Even as reform took effect and women in China entered more diverse professions in the 1990s, their representation in frontier sectors like scientific research and finance was no more than 40 percent.

The rising number of females in digitalization suggests a changing status of women in Chinese society, as more women shift away from low-value-added industries.

What are the driving forces behind the fast-changing picture in China?

For one, Chinese women’s advances in higher education serve as a foundation. In 2021, women’s enrollment in tertiary education is 56 percent, 10 percentage points higher than men’s.

Secondly, there is women’s shifting attitudes towards marriage and giving birth. Women in today’s China are not only departing from the traditional perspective they should sacrifice their career for the family, but also focusing more on realizing self-worth.

Thirdly, the cutting-edge digital industry is comparatively free of gender barriers.


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