How internet users can prevent being victimized by doxing

As people spend majority of their time on social media, global cybersecurity company Kaspersky shared tips on how they can protect themselves from an online attack involving their personal information.

Called doxing, the practice involves gathering the personal information of an individual with the purpose to publish or use it in some other way to cause harm.

Kaspersky defines it as “the act of revealing identifying information about someone online, such as their real name, home address, workplace, phone, financial, and other personal information. That information is then circulated to the public — without the victim’s permission.”

Its privacy experts have created a checklist that lets internet users be informed about handling their personal data responsibly so that it wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Kaspersky advises the public to think before you post. Be accountable for what you share. Every time. Even if your account is closed.


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