Transparent fashion: Would you pay to know how your clothes are made?

Prominent on the website of U.S.-Indian joint start-up Neu Nomads are the words “everything considered.” And the company means it.

Before buying, a customer can find details of the fabrics used, how and where garments are made and even how the workers who manufactured them are treated.

This is all part of a growing phenomenon becoming known as “transparent fashion.” A handful of other mainly small firms are taking a similar approach, which also includes a complete breakdown of pricing.

Annick Ireland founded online shopping platform Immaculate Vegan three years ago, stocking 100 percent vegan clothing.

She says the company chooses its brands exceptionally carefully, stating, “The kinds of brands that we sell tend to be relatively small, independent, slow fashion brands – they’re very purpose-driven. They take every effort to know every aspect of their supply chain. And they’re very transparent about it.”


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