‘Nugget saga is over’: Among Us-shaped chicken nugget sold for P4.7 million

A chicken nugget from fast food chain McDonald’s shaped like one of the crewmates of popular mobile game Among Us has been sold for almost 100,000 dollars or around 4.8 million pesos.

An eBay user named Polizna posted the “used” single chicken nugget, which according to the person, originated from a Korean boy band BTS combo meal for 99 US cents on May 28.

Two days after it was posted on the auction site, a user bid some 14,870 dollars which then started a bidding war for the nugget.

After 184 bids, the nugget was sold for 99,997 dollars.

Among Us’ authentic Twitter account posted a video of the nugget as the crewmate to celebrate the end of bidding war.

The post read: “THE NUGGET SAGA IS OVER. The Among Us shaped chicken nugget has sold for 99,997 dollars plus shipping???????????? Here is a cursed tribute to a strange week, may the winner be blessed by the bean form forever.”

Source: https://www.philstar.com/lifestyle/on-the-radar/2021/06/05/2103338/nugget-saga-over-among-us-shaped-chicken-nugget-sold-p47-million

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