What is compulsive buying?

Finding it hard to resist buying unnecessary items; having financial difficulties due to uncontrolled shopping; and spending much time researching unnecessary products are among the characteristics of compulsive buying, according to Psychology professor James Philip Ray Pinggolio.

Some of the compulsive buyers, he said, want to brag to get recognition or approval as they want to improve their image.

He added, “Those emotions drive people to spend on products. According to Psychological Science Journal, when people are sad, they are willing to spend 30 percent more money on products, compared to those on a neutral mood.”

Pinggolio said that in the field of social psychology, there is what they call the “licensing effect” or “self-licensing”. This occurs when someone has done good or has earned something, and would have a tendency to buy something very pricey. He or she would justify that purchase by saying he did something good.

Source: https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1139934

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