Report: ONE Championship sees uptake in viewership, fan engagement

Singapore-based mixed martial arts promotion ONE Championship has seen a signifcant rise in its viewership and fan engagement, according to a report released by Nielsen.

The report, titled “How the World’s Biggest Sports Properties Engaged Fans in 2020,” pegged ONE Championship as the fastest growing among any other major global sports properties with a 113% increase in its digital follower growth across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

ONE Champonship, which was established less than 10 years ago, thus sits at seventh overall in total followers across the platforms.

The MMA promotion performed well across the different aspects of the study, including a No. 3 ranking in terms of cumulative reach — a list measuring the number of unique viewers who tune in to watch at least a minute of a TV broadcast.

ONE was ranked only behind the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League in the list. UFC ranked sixth in the list.


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