China helps the world vaccinate more; the U.S. should too

The US has vaccinated around half of its population. But it has been unabashedly selfish in the process.

It has produced over 300 million doses and exported about three million. Understandably the Biden administration needs to prioritize domestic supply as America is still the most infected nation in the world. But turning a blind eye to the world is not the way to lead.

More disappointingly, the Biden team wants to claim a moral high ground in another way.

Joe Biden said his administration will send at least 20 million more doses of US-authorized vaccines to other countries in the coming weeks. That is a good sign, although it is still too little and a little late.

By comparison, China has shipped over 252 million doses overseas, or 42% of its total production.

China knows its future is connected with the world. COVID teaches us one thing: we need an open global system no matter what. By helping others, we are helping ourselves in a big way.


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