COVID-19: Uber to Offer Drivers Paid Sick Leave

Uber said it will offer drivers and delivery people 14 days of paid sick leave if they fall ill with coronavirus or are placed in quarantine.

It’s a change in policy for the ride-share service, which largely views such workers as independent contractors not eligible for benefits.

The company did not say how much money workers who need to take sick leave will receive.

The policy shift comes as coronavirus cases exceed 100,000 worldwide and continue to rise in the United States.

People who give rides, or who deliver groceries or restaurant orders for gig-economy companies could be on the front lines as people avoid public transit and rely on deliveries instead of frequenting restaurants and stores. But in the United States, these workers often don’t have paid sick leave.

No federal law requires companies to provide paid sick leave, and almost a quarter of all US workers don’t get it, according to 2019 government data.


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